At credit sheep we analyze every part of your credit even the parts that don't look like they affect you.
Dispute up to 10 negatives per bureau per cycle. That's 30 disputes at one of the lowest prices in the industry!
Your credit scores matter. We analyze your credit and give helpful tips on how to improve or fix different items on your credit.
Our system will give you the tips you need to build and maintain good credit. We know what lenders want and how to get there.
Clean up the errors on Your credit report!
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Dispute your negatives quickly easily and intuitively with our system built specifically to handle your credit repair
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A dispute a day keeps the creditors away
With our proven system we have created an easy and streamlined way to improve your credit. Try us out so you can sleep easy.
With our affordable prices and state of the art technology behind you we have created a model which is built in and around your credit.
We are so confident in our system that we wanted to bring that confidence to you with our 90 day guarantee. You can rest easy that within 90 days you will see changes to your credit or your money back!